We're currently closed. This is due to the national lockdown. 

If you are waiting for a workshop or have been given a gift voucher, we will be re-opening when legally allowed and will honour every outstanding voucher whether they should have expired or not. We won't be able to tell you when we're reopening because we have as much control over the pandemic as you do, but we will and you will be able to use your voucher. 

If you are waiting to recieve pottery you made pre-lockdown, you will have to continue waiting. We will post your pottery or email you asking to collect when we re-open.


 All our staff are on furlough, that includes me.  We can't work, and get paid. The business has no money whatsover. I am keeping the studio afloat by selling my home. Unfortunatly this means that I can't work to keep up our usual service standards, and pay myself furlough.

I had hoped that as the entire country is in the same boat, our customers would have understood that this is out of our control, but instead, we have been being bombarded by increasingly rude emails, negative comments online as well as negative reviews.


We have issued service updates through our website and by email. There is nothing else we can do. Constantly emailing us or attempting to publicly harm our business won't change the national lockdown or our situation. 

I started Sanity when I had a breakdown so that I could manage by disability, and work. It is now solely serving to exacerbate my issues and as a human, I have decided that it simply isn't worth it.  The stress and anxeity of it all accumulated two days ago into me looking to end my life again by taking an overdose. I couldn't find enough pills. 

As a human, I cant handle dealing with everyone else's frustrations, on top of my own, this year has completely taken the joy out of Sanity Studios.


At the moment, when we re-open, we will solely be re-opening our doors for people with vouchers, and will be moving away from offering workshops to the public. 




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