In a cupboard because MAC was sad.


SANITY Studios was started in an airing cupboard after MAC lost her mind and her career all at the same time. 

In late 2016 I hadn't left my house for over 10 months because any time I tried, I'd feel like my insides where being ripped out of me.


I'd had mild depression for over a decade but this was BIG. Instead of being able to sort of amble on, suddenly everything felt impossible and all I wanted to do was die.  

Then my partner arranged a pottery lesson with a local potter and it was the only time in almost a year that the overwhelming feeling inside me was joy, and not dispair. 

I had been working as a financial adviser when I had my breakdown and pottery became my escapism.  The moment I touched that spinning clay my mind went quiet and I knew it was what I wanted to spend my life doing.


I had been planning to continue  working as a financial adviser, practising pottery on the side. Then I disclosed the details of my disability and the impact it has on me and was fired as a result. (It's fine I sued for disability discrimination and won £15k) 

It could not have been any clearer that finance was not an industry open to queer disabled women, so i thought f*** it and set up SANITY.


Potter and Founder


I genuinely attribute finding pottery to me not being dead so when I say it's my safe place I really mean it.  


I learned with Simon at the Walcot School Of Pottery and within three months had set my own studio up at home.  I love to combine the functional with the beutiful and love to make sculptural pots with purpose. 

I mainly host the private wheel throwing workshops and then you know basically run the place. 

Historically I've kept alot of my work to myself, I find the prospect of sharing my art works terrifying, much more terrifying than setting up a business on your own with no money.  HA!

I am now though trying real hard to be brave  and sell my art.  It's pretty much all queer erotica and plant pots with bellies on.

SANITY Studios is a sanctuary before it's a business.


Our priority is the wellbeing of our staff, our customers and then our business.


This means that if you make any member of our staff uncomfortable, sad or even a little bit mad, we're not going to want anything to do with you. Any upcoming booking will be cancelled, you won't get any pottery and you'll be banned forever. For serious. 

The same rules apply for everyone, whether you're a regular that practically lives in the studio or someone who's just popped in, it's really important to us that everyone feels completely comfortable being themselves in our space. This means that we won't tolerate anyone questioning anyones life choices, identities, sexualities and general humanness. If anyones made you feel even a little bit not okay in our space, pull MAC aside and she'll deal with it. 


We're not okay with any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, fat-phobia, islamophobia ... Basically if you're not down with someones existence, we're not down with you. Expressing such views will see you promptly removed from the studio. You won't be refunded and you won't get any pottery. Yup really.

If you don't like our ethos or think you'll have a problem being a nice human then just book elsewhere, we won' t mind. In fact, we'd probably prefer it.

Thank you our lovely potty humans.


MAC, Julia, Moose xx