The last year has been really awful for Sanity Studios as a business, but it also took a HUGE toll on mine and Julia's mental health.  We had months at a time where we desperately wanted to run the studio, because we love it and have poured our hearts into it, but we couldn't... and then we started getting what felt like a barrage of negativity over something we couldn't control.


We had people threatening us with court action, leaving negative reviews on Facebook because it was illegal for them to come and collect there pottery and even a couple of people who got really angry at us because we wouldn't let them break the law and host a party in our studio over Christmas. 

It had got to the point where we where going to pack it up and go do something else. I posted a desperate post to our socials and closed our website. Then you all turned out and completely changed the rhetoric, and our mental outlooks along with it. As much as the horrible emails made us unbearably sad, your support through this period genuinely pulled us back out of it. 

A lot of small businesses are very thankful for the financial support and the fact they've survived this period, and we are too, but mostly we're thankful for you. It's hearing how much fun our visitors have that make this the best job in the world, so we're making a page of all the nice things people have said to us.  

Next time everything feels really difficult, we'll visit this page to help us get through.


Hi Isobel and everyone at Sanity Studios, 


I went on your website to see if you were open again and saw your message about how unkind a lot of your customers had been about having to shut due to lockdown. 


I wanted to email to say how sorry I was to hear about how it had made you feel and what it had driven you to do. 


I wanted to change that narrative to something more positive and say thank you to you!! Your customer service (in issuing updates and a voucher that doesn’t expire!) has been better than any other service from tickets I had purchased and events I had booked pre pandemic which includes big companies such as the theatre and airlines. 


I cannot wait to redeem my voucher. 


I really hope things start to feel brighter for you! 

The same rules apply for everyone, whether you're a regular that practically lives in the studio or someone who's just popped in, it's really important to us that everyone feels completely comfortable being themselves in our space. This means that we won't tolerate anyone questioning anyones life choices, identities, sexualities and general humanness. If anyones made you feel even a little bit not okay in our space, pull MAC aside and she'll deal with it. 


We're not okay with any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, fat-phobia, islamophobia ... Basically if you're not down with someones existence, we're not down with you. Expressing such views will see you promptly removed from the studio. You won't be refunded and you won't get any pottery. Yup really.

If you don't like our ethos or think you'll have a problem being a nice human then just book elsewhere, we won' t mind. In fact, we'd probably prefer it.

Thank you our lovely potty humans.


MAC, Julia, Moose xx