Where are you located?


At the moment we're in a bit of a transition period. We'll always be in the centre of Bath though. At the moment we're on Bathwick Street still, we'll be on Spring Gardens Road from March 15th 2020. 


Where can I park?


As we're in the centre of a world heritage city, parking can be a bit of a nightmare! It's best to park in the park and rides on the outskirts of the city. If not, and you're driving into the city the closest car park is The Podium behind Waitrose. 


What do I need to bring?


Just bring your creativity and ambitions to create something spectacular!

What should we wear?


Anything that you're comfy in! We've got a few aprons but you're still likely to get filthy so it's best to wear clothes that you don't mind getting grubby. 


Can I book in for a one-person session?


Unfortunately not! Isobel, our potter loves doing one to one lessons, but unfortunately, we're not able to offer them anymore through Sanity Studios. Instead, we've found a lovely local potter who is happy to teach one to one tuition. 


He's called Simon Wright and taught Isobel most the things she knows. If you want to learn pottery as a craft, Simons the potter for you! You can contact him by phone on 07855 001907 or, drop him an email at swright004@btinternet.com.


While Simon is a good friend of Sanity Studios, he isn't in any way affiliated with us and his hands are often covered in clay! So, if he's not got back to you within a few days, don't panic, if he's not got back to you within a week, it's probably best to look elsewhere!.

What's the minimum age?


The minimum age you can book a session for is 6, this is for all services including children'so birthdays. You're always welcome to bring along littluns to sessions with adults! We ask for £15 for materials for them unless under the age of 3.

are you wheelchair accesable?


At the moment as we're in a bit of a transition period the answer is both yes and no! As of the 15th of March, it will very much be a yes.