Where are you located?

We're smack bang in the middle of Bath. Our address is Sanity Studios, The Caves, Spring gardens road, BA26PW. Our entrance in underneath the tunnel, keep your eyes peeled for our flag and you'll soon find your way.


Where can I park?


As we're in the centre of a world heritage city, parking can be a bit of a nightmare! If you're coming to Bath for a holiday, it's best to park in the park and rides on the outskirts of the city. If not, and you're driving into the city the closest car park is The Podium behind Waitrose. The nicest car park is next to Bath Better Gym, park here and we're just a short walk away along the beautiful Avon river. 


What do I need to bring?


Just bring your creativity and ambitions to create something spectacular!

What should we wear?


Anything that you're comfy in! We've got aprons but you're still likely to get filthy so it's best to wear clothes that you don't mind getting grubby. You're not going to want to wear your nice shoes, they're going to get splattered with clay


Can I book in for a one-person session?


You can at the moment you lucky thing! We all need a bit of TLC during the pandemic so we've re-started one to one sessions. Pop in for some socially distant potting.

What's the minimum age?


The minimum age you can book a session for is 6, this is for all services including children'so birthdays. You're always welcome to bring along littluns to sessions with adults! We ask for £15 for materials for them unless under the age of 3, at which point they can come for free. 

are you wheelchair accesable?


We sure are! Isobel, our founder, is disabled so knows first hand how frustrating it is when places are not accessible to all.  The quickest way to the studio is down some very ancient steps, however, you can nip round Argyle street and there's a road that leads down to our door. 


Can I bring my dog?


PLEASE DO! Moose will be more than happy to show them around.