Bring the whole family along for some creative time in the studio! As it'll only be your group in the studio, you can choose what you'd like to make, at the beginning of the session. We've got one full sized professional potters wheel, 15 micro wheels, and literally tons of clay to play with.

You'll each make your own masterpiece, I'll then fire them, glaze them and wrap them all up ready to go home pithing 6 - 8 weeks.


We're baby and doggo friendly, so as long as they're under three years old or have four legs you can bring them along for free. 

As we're potters, not web designers, it's a bit of a journey booking in larger groups. You'll need to purchase the service and then separately book in the workshop. It doesn't matter which way round you do it, just make sure you've bought and booked, you do it all from this page!

Pottery for the Crew Workshop

Book a time and date for your group to join us in the studio! You'll need to purchase a For the crew workshop voucher, selecting the amount of people in your group, and p...
For the Crew bookings.
2 hr
Purchase Separately.