Oooweee! You've found a super fun and creative activity all the family are going to enjoy! You clever thing you. 


We've now got two full size potters wheel, so you and your crew can get stuck in as a team and make some beautiful pottery to keep forever.  During your workshops, you'll each make one piece of pottery from start to finish, starting by throwing it on the wheel, and finished it with colour, texture and patterns!

More than four of you? 



For three

Two Hours for Three
2 hr

For four

Two Hours for Four
2 hr


What should i wear?

Anything you like! You're more than likely going to get a fair amount of clay over your clothes. I will however, provide you with an apron. Don't worry about any clay on your clothes, simply pop your item in the wash and they'll come out just like new

Is there parking?

Unfortunatly there isn't parking out side the studio! We're smack bang in the middle of a world heritage city so finding parking can be a nightmare. You're best off leaving the car at home or using a park and ride on the city outskirts.

How about jewellery?

You're not going to want to wear any rings or bracelets during your lesson. It's also a good idea to make sure your nails are reletivly short.  

How do i pay?

I accept cash or card or contactless so you can pay however you like.

We've also got a toddler we need to bring!

No problem at all! Under threes are always welcome to come along and play for free. We've plenty of food-safe clay and coloring agents so your littlun should feel as involved as the bigger kids!

Do we get to keep our pots?

You sure do! The pots will take around 6 weeks to fully dry out, then they'll need two weeks to be twice fried and glazed. Once they're all finished  I'll post them out to you for you to love and keep forever!!