Minimum 4 People - Maximum 20 People 

Owee! You've found a super fun and creative activity everyone will enjoy. You clever thing you!

We have a couple of different workshops running at the moment to suit different peoples. 


Choose from either our standard workshop with a focus on hand building and decorations or for groups of four, book in our wheel workshop and spend two hours getting to know all the in's and outs of throwing pottery. 

You need to book your workshop and purchase the workshop separately to allow you to choose the amount of participants in your workshop.  

Normal Workshop | £50 per person up to 10 people, £30 for each person after that. 

Wheel Workshop | £75 per person. | For groups of four only. 

*Children are a person and are charged at the same rate as adults. Unless they're under three, then they can come for free. 

  • Book your workshop here! You'll need to purchase it separately.

    2 hr

  • Book your workshops here! You'll need to purchase it below.

    2 hr

    Purchase Separately.


WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR? Anything you like, you're going to get clay on your clothes so old clothes are best but it will all wash out!

WHERE CAN WE PARK? The best place to park is in the park and ride out side of the city centre. Bath has a clean air zone and parking is a nightmare!

WHEN DO WE GET OUR POTTERY? Hopefully within 6 - 8 weeks of your workshop! Your pots go on quite a journey once you've made them so there can sometimes be delays but we'll always try and keep you updated.

HOW ACCESSIBLE IS SANITY STUDIOS ? We're easy to access for wheelchair users with ramp access all the way down to our door. We've got a fold out wheel chair ramp to get your chair over the door frame. If you have any accessibility needs which could make your visit more comfortable please do let us know. Our potter and founder is disabled so don't worry, we get it. 

CAN WE BRING A DOG? Yup, Mr Moose our resident canine will be happy to show him the ropes. 

WHERE CAN I POOP? We don't have a toilet so send people over to The Boater for number ones and number twos. If you don't wan't to poop in the pub toilets there's public toilets across the bridge!