The pottery club is evolving... It turns out the majority of the women enquiring about our membership scheme are looking for people, not pottery and so we've switched it up a bit. 


 It's now the Sanity Sanctuary.  A space for women who just need a bit of a break from the life and times of Bath. It's still all self-led learning, Mac will still always be on hand to help you on your way, but you also don't have to be into pottery to enjoy the healing qualities of working with clay. 


At the moment we are running this scheme exclusively for women to help create a safe therapeutic space for local women.  

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


During Open Sanctuary, you'll be able to come in and out of the studio in your own time, and will be completely free to make what ever you want to make.


There will always be a potter on hand to help you create anything you like, but you won't be being directly taught.


You'll be in complete control of your pots from start to finish and will be shown how to glaze your wares.

There are two wheels, and they'll be used on a first come first serve basis with a max of one hour each on the wheels per club time. 

If we're ever at capacity (20 people) then we will limit length in the studio to 2 hours per person. 


Club Times.

Mondays, Wednesdays , Thursday

2pm - 8pm



£50 per month. Materials paid per pot when finished. 

Low or No income?

Drop an email over to Mac at We often have volunteer memberships available and will offer temporary free memberships to vunerable women. 

We'll have to approve your membership request before you're able to sign up! 


 If you want to meet the team and get a feel for the place first please just pop in for a chat during normal club times.