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Awweee haven't you been given an amazing gift!?  You lucky thing.  All you need to do is scroll down and choose the service you've been gifted, book your lesson in, and start dreaming about your first creation! See you soon. 



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Rien à réserver pour l'instant
2 h

A joint pottery class with a competitive twist! You'll each be taught how to make a tall vessel, like a vase or cup, and a short vessel like a bowl or a trinket dish during your 'training' session.  Once you've each had an hour on the wheel learning all the basic skills you need to make a pot, you'll compete to complete the best piece with a whopping 2kg of clay to compete with! Who's ever Throwdown piece looks the most like a pot at the end, chooses an extra pot to keep.

A joint pottery lesson to get creative with some clay. You'll each have two 30 minute turns on the potter's wheel, learning how to turn clay into a functional vessel.  You'll learn how to make a tall vessel, and a short vessel, then you'll choose your favourite pot to keep and a glaze colour; your pot will be posted back to you within 8 weeks!

Pottery for Two
1 h 30 Min
2 h

A one to one session to make your self the perfect present! The two hours are all yours to discover a whole host of ceramic artisan techniques. Your session will begin with wheel throwing, learning how to make a vessel on the potter's wheel, you'll then slip and sgraffito your pot to personalize it. I'll then glaze your pot and post it back to you within 8 weeks. 

Pottery course

Wowee, you've been given a whole pottery course! You've got one, two-hour session, and two, one hour sessions to make some lovely pottery pieces. You'll need to book these sessions individually, and it's best to leave at least 4 days between sessions. It's also a good idea to come with some creations in mind, that way you're more likely to make a masterpiece. You'll learn a little bit of everything and get to keep one piece that you create. 

4 hr

bespoke pottery course

Thanks I'll get back to you soon!


What should i wear?

Anything you like! You're more than likely going to get a fair amount of clay over your clothes. I will however, provide you with an apron. Don't worry about any clay on your clothes, simply pop your item in the wash and they'll come out just like new

Is there parking?

Unfortunately there isn't parking out side the studio. If you're planning to come to your pottery lesson by car, the nearest free parking is mid-way up Warminster Road. 

How about jewellery?

You're not going to want to wear any rings or bracelets during your lesson. It's also a good idea to make sure your nails are reletivly short.  

How do i pay?

You don't need too! That's all been taken care of, all you need to bring is your voucher!