Bring along your favourite person and get down and dirty with some clay! You're booking a workshop for just the two of you so we've set up a couple of different sessions to suit your ~vibe~. 

If you're looking for a more relaxed workshop, we'd recommend Pottery for Two. If you want things to get loud and lairy, book in the Throwdown for an unapologetically messy workshop.


Pottery for Two
1 hr 30 min
Pottery for Two
1 hr 30 min

Bring along your favourite person and make a beautiful piece of pottery from start to finish! At the start of the workshop you'll be given a quick demonstration so you know roughly what you're doing. You'll then each have an hour on your professional pottery wheel, to practise throwing, and forming your masterpiece

We'll then dry your pot slightly with a blow torch (!?) and get to decorating!


During a joint pottery lesson, the emphasis is placed on each of you creating a lovely piece of pottery. You'll also learn the basic skills needed to make a little pot on the potter's wheel.  Your pots will need 6 - 8 weeks to be fired and glazed, after that, your two pots will be posted out to you!

The Throwdown just got better! Now with two full size pottery wheels, this workshop has just become more intense. 

The workshop will start with a short demonstration so you know roughly what you're doing. You'll then each jump onto a wheel and be taught how to create a tall vessel, like a vase, and a small vessel, like a bowl.  You're going to learn everything you need to to throw a ball of clay into a functional piece of pottery!

During the final half hour of The Throwdown, you'll each be given a whopping 2kg of clay to compete to see who can complete the best piece!


You'll only be able to ask for help three times while you compete so make sure you're focusing during your training. Who's ever lump of clay looks the most like a pot at the end of the 30 minutes, is crowned the winner! 

You'll each get to keep your favourite piece. The winner will win everlasting bragging rights and can choose to keep an extra pot!


It takes 6 - 8 weeks for your pots to be completed, so I'll post all three out to you once they're ready to go to there forever home.


The ThrowDown
2 hr
Pottery for Two - Regular Potters
1 hr

Opened by popular demand... short workshops for two! You and your favourite person can now take up pottery as a hobby, together! 


These workshops are a little different to the others and are designed for those that want to keep coming back for more. Perfect for couples that want some more excitement in their life or for friends that just want some creative time together. 


We welcome children so if you're looking for some regular quality time with a littlun then we'd recommend this session!


During these workshops you'll be taught how to make pottery from start to finish, to allow you to begin developing your craft. As everyone learns at different paces, you'll pay per pot once they've been through the firing cycle.