Lasting two hours, they'll have plenty of time to make their creations. They're welcome to keep anything that they make, as the clay is air drying it'll be ready to be painted the following day!​

FOr Kids

Pop up Pottery Party

A completely unique party experience for your littleun and their friends! 

I'll turn up to your venue, set up mats to sit on, clay to work with and plenty of fun tools to get to grips with. ​The kids will get to choose what they create from a selection of examples, and I'll teach them several different hand building techniques to get them there. ​

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How much does this cost?

The standard package costs £150, for a maximum of 15 children. More kids? Drop us an email and we'll see what we can do! 


Is this going to get messy?


In short, yes. I'll be bringing along some aprons for the kids to wear, and some mats to protect the floor but wouldn't recommend us if you'r venue is carpeted! We're best suited to outdoor venues, or wooden floors! 

What should they wear?

Nothing that I'm providing can stain. The clay will wash out within a normal cycle, so they can wear anything you don't mind them getting grubby. 


What sort of age does this suit?


Kids aged 5 - 10 seem to get the most out of this activity. I'll tailor the activity to the kids ages. 

What area's do you cover?

I try to cover the majority of Bath, everything is hauled by bike though so if you live at the top of a very big hill, I might struggle to get to you! 


How about party bags and invitations!? 

We're able to provide pottery themed party bags, and invitations at varying price points. Let me know if you'd like us to arrange this for you when you enquire!