Big Group Workshop

Oh Lordy! Aren't you all in for a fabulous time!?


Your session will last two hours and will focus on making and decorating micro pottery. You'll each have your own tiny pottery wheel, a selection of tools, colourants and all the clay you'll need. You'll be shown how to throw micro pots, as well as being shown a number of decorating techniques. 


You'll each get to keep your favourite creations from the day, being allowed to keep up to 5 pieces each, depending on size. 


Once your session has ended, we'll pop your pots into a little box to dry, and then David, our lovely kiln technician, will bisque fire them to remove all the water. He'll then apply a clear glaze, throw them back through the fire, and then get them posted off to you! As it's beginner pottery, there's always the chance your lovely pots will explode in the fire and not survive the firing process. If this does happen, we'll post of a wee commiseration pot so you've still got something to remember your experience. 


Once you've purchased your session, you'll need to find the code in your emails, and book your time slot in using your code. You're also going to be sent a nice little invite/voucher to give out to the other people in your group so they know what to expect. 


We're not able to serve or provide alcohol, but that doesn't mean you're not allowed to bring some along. We've got plenty of pots to drink from!



Purchasing this service doesn't book your session! You'll need to do that seperatly.


You need to check that there's a slot available before you purchase. You can do this by.


  • Heading over to the bookings page
  • Choosing your selected date and time
  • Selecting pay in person at checkout.


Your slot will be reserved for 7 days. If you've not returned to purchase the service within those 7 days, your appointment will be cancelled!


Once you've purchased the service, your booking will be secured.



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