Pottery Party for Kids 10 +

Hooray! You've found a super unique party. 


When the kids turn up, they'll be given matching aprons and name tags and introduced to all the equipment in the studio. Before they get mucked in, they'll be given a short demonstration on how to throw mini pots. 


Their first step will be to prepare their clay. They'll dig through buckets of wet clay before sending it through an industial recycling machine. Once their clay is nice and soft they'll each be given a micro pottery wheel to start there creations.


We'll spend just over an hour trying to create tiny vases, bowls, jugs and cups. Once there pots are thrown, they'll be shown different decoration techniques, like carving, scraffito, modelling and general slip decoration. 


Each party guest can keep up to 5 of their creations which will be fired and glazed within 8 weeks of there session. There pots will be ready for collection from the studio after that point. 


So that they don't feel as though they're going home empty handed, they'll be able to choose a micro peice of pottery to take home with them on the day. 


  • The Parents!

    We need at least 2 adults to stay at the studio during the party but up to 6 are welcome to hang around. 

    Theres a small seating area at the opposite end of the studio which you're all welcome to make your self comfortable in. There's plenty of tea and coffee to keep you going. 

    You're also welcome to have a play around on the big wheels while there and have a nose at what the littleuns are crafting.

  • The Pots!

    Sometimes pots explode in the fire. This can happen for a number of reasons and while we dry out the pots super slowly to try and avoid cracks and explosions from happening, sometimes the kiln gods are not looking upon us kindly and lovely pots don't make it through the process.

    Theres not a huge amount we can do once they've gone so the unlucky potter will be able to choose a commiseration pot from within the studio. 

  • The Parking!

    There isn't any! We're smack bang in the centre of town so you'll need to plan out your parking arrangments before coming to the party.

  • The Invites!

    You're going to be emailed some lovely pottery themed invites to pass out to the lucky party guests!

Group Size