Two Hours . 50

One hour.  30 

Regular POttery classes

Fun, relaxing and therapeutic are the words my students use most often to describe their weekly pottery lesson's. 


Your pottery class will always be on a one to one basis, so you'll pick the skills up quickly, and have the freedom to make whatever inspires you. Your lessons will mainly focus on wheel throwing techniques, as most find this to be the best bit of making pots. 


You'll learn lots of different ways to decorate, shape and glaze your pots as well as several different hand-building techniques. Most importantly, you'll have some creative time away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. Nothing matters in the studio, apart from you and your pots. 



For your first go, be sure to book in for a two-hour session! It'll give you plenty of time to learn the skills you need to create your first pot! 


You can keep your first creation for free, after that, you'll pay per pot, depending on size! 

Nothing to book at the moment
Nothing to book at the moment

these lot love their pottery lesson and think you will too!

The lovely Angie with her lovely peach b


I had an amazing time doing pottery with Isobel at Sanity Studios today. She is a brilliant teacher and a talented potter.l shall go back next week to learn more and take photos..thank you Isobel.πŸŒˆπŸ’•β­οΈ

Hooray! My latest depressive episode see


I had the absolute best time today, you are an incredible teacher and a genuinly lovely person!! Thank you so much, can't wait for next time πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


Isobel is a great pottery teacher! I never thought I'd be able to throw but she taught me the basics in my first lesson and I can't wait to go back to finish my bowl! Definitely recommend

Lovely session with Sarah! Her first pot


Thank you so much, Isobel! So relaxing, I love each session!


What should i wear?

Anything you like! You're more than likely going to get a fair amount of clay over your clothes. I will however, provide you with an apron. Don't worry about any clay on your clothes, simply pop your item in the wash and they'll come out just like new

Is there parking?

Unfortunatly there isn't parking out side the studio. If you're planning to come  to your pottery lesson by car, the nearest free parking is mid-way up Warminster Road. 

How about jewellery?

You're not going to want to wear any rings or bracelets during your lesson. It's also a good idea to make sure your nails are reletivly short.  

How do i pay?

I accept cash or card or contactless so you can pay however you like.

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